South Korea,The Country With The Highest Suicide Rate

South Korea has the second highest suicide rate in the world. It has had the highest suicide rate in the industrialized world for eight consecutive years. Suicide is more common for people ages 10 through 30, for people in their 40’s and older suicide is the second most common death, after cancer.

Some of the reasons why suicide is so common among the youth is due to the stress they have related to school. The competition of the students to do better than those around them and, be number one in there class is what brings stress to students. Most students have Private cram institutions they attend after their school day to prepare themselves for their college entrance exams. Entering a good university is something that their parents demand of them because, they do not want their sons or daughters to become failures. Most middle aged and elderly commit suicide due to the uncertainty of the economy and, depression.

Mapo Bridge which cuts across the Han River in Seoul, had so many people throwing themselves over to their death making it known as the “Suicide Bridge.” To decrease the suicide rate the Seoul Government initiated a project to transform the “Suicide Bridge” into the “Bridge of Life.” The bridge has illuminated panels so when a person walks by the panels turn on and relay a message such as, ” I know it has been hard,” or  “How are you doing today?” The bridge also has a phone that connects to a life line where people who are having suicidal thoughts can speak to someone and get help. The Bridge is meant for people who are feeling lonely and are having suicidal thoughts to feel that there is someone who is there for them .

Suicide is not only common in South Korea there are countries all around the world who have problems with suicide.  We need to overcome this and help each other see what is beyond the stress and depression. Hopefully, in the near future suicide will not exist anymore.




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