A Must Try Korean Foods!

Are you a food lover or just craving for some Korean foods. As we know the Korean culture is unique when it comes to food. So I made a list of a must try South Korean foods when you are visiting or travelling to South Korea.

Samgyeopsal (Korean BBQ)

One of the most well-known meals in South Korea. We also see a lot of it in Korean dramas. It is best with a cold beer or soju.


A very popular side dish in Korea. People immediately think about it when hearing about Korean cuisine. This is served with every meals.

Kimbap (The Korean Sushi)

It is a typical Korean picnic food to pack. It looks similar to sushi but they actually are different.


Is a pile of marinated beef grilled at the table with mixed vegetables. It is mostly served at a Korean feast.


A popular Korean braised chicken. It is originated in the historical City of Andong.


Is a mixed rice with meat and assorted vegetables and also a fried egg at the top of it.

Dak Galbi

Is a spicy stir fried chicken. This is mostly cooked in front you when visiting a Dak Galbi restaurant.


A perfect dish for a cold winter, because it is always served hot. It is a noodle topped with black bean sauce, diced pork and mixed vegetables.

Kimchi Jjigae

Is a traditional Korean stew made of Kimchi and a lot of vegetables. It is the most loved stew in the Korean Cuisine.


A spicy rice cakes. It is the ultimate street food of Korea.


A sweet pancake filled with brown sugar syrup. A popular street food of Korea.



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