Youtubers You Need To Subscribe To!

Are you bored on the weekends and have nothing to watch? Or did you happen to have binge watched all your favorite Kdramas and have nothing else to do? Well I got you covered! If you enjoy watching vlogs or reaction videos related to Korea here is a list of youtubers with the best Korean material.

1. Joanday

This is a vlog channel runned by Joan Kim who also has a main channel called ‘Joan kim,’ where she mostly focuses on beauty products and skin care routines. Joanday is mainly a vlogging channel where she ┬átakes you along with her to explore different cafes, stores, and events that happen in South Korea. It is really fun watching her videos because you get to experience the daily life of a Korean.

Her most recent vlog is down below:

2. We Fancy

We Fancy is where youtubers Xander and Haeppy visit Korean restaurants and do food reviews. Besides that, they do videos where they do different activities and challenges. They invite idols and other youtubers that are in Korea to collaborate and create videos. They also have videos where they sit down and talk about living in Korea as a foreigner and how Korea differs from their home countries.


Their latest trip to Jeju Island vlog is down below:

3. Edward Avila

Edward Avila’s channel is both a vlog channel and a beauty channel all in one. He vlogs his day going to events, stores, restaurants, cafes,and showing you around Seoul. His beauty videos are mostly of him recreating an idols makeup and reviewing some makeup products.



Check out his vlog where he visits a trendy cafe:

4. Megan Bowen

Megan Bowen became a well known youtuber due to her reviews on cafes. She does sit down videos where she just talks about Korean beauty standards, life in Korea, being in relationships in Korea, and how Korea has changed her. She also does collaboration with idols or interviews Korean people about Americans.

Her latest video is down below:


If you have not heard of JRE where have you been? He is mostly known for making reaction videos about kpop. Every time a new group or artist makes a comeback he is prepared to make a reaction video about it no matter what. Most idols know him and watch his videos due to his funny dance moves and reactions.

He most recently reacted to BTS “Love yourself” Highlight Reel:


6. 2hearts1seoul

Lastly, to add to this list of youtubers we have this couple that consist of a Canadian wife Sarah and a Korean husband Kyuho. Their videos consist of traveling, food and their daily life in South Korea. They vlog about their visit to important Korean monuments, they go to restaurants, cafes ,and take us along with them to explore the different faces of Korea that we rarely get to see. They also talk about what it is like to be married to each other and the different ways they had to change to satisfy both of their cultures.This adventurous couple are sure fun to watch so go check them out.

Check Out their vlog when they were in Busan:

Hope You Enjoy your day watching these Youtubers!



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