“Youn’s Kitchen 2” achieves new sales record and also breaks its own ratings record again!

tvN's Youn's Kitchen 2 set new sales and viewership record

Youn’s Kitchen 2” breaks its own ratings record with the new episode and also achieves new sales record!

On February 2nd episode of tvN‘s “Youn’s Kitchen“, the staff experienced their busiest day yet. Within one hour of opening they almost had a full house, filling up all the tables outside as well as two inside.

With the fast running orders, including refill orders, it was becoming difficult for Park Seo Joon and Lee Seo Jin to confer with one another. In the chaos, the orders occasionally got mixed up, with some tables getting the wrong order and sometimes the food arriving late.

tvN's Youn's Kitchen 2 set new sales and viewership record

But, nonetheless, with the new menu, L.A. ribs being enjoyed by many, the restaurant continued to be flooded with customers, and in the end their hard worked payed off well. On summing up the profits, the staff learned that they had made over 200 euros (about $250), which is till date their largest volume of sales.

Achieving new sales record was not the only high point for “Youn’s Kitchen 2“, the viewership ratings for that particular episode also recorded a national average of 16% and an all-time high of 19.4%. With this the show breaks its own record and once again setting a new record for ratings of tvN‘s variety shows.

This show ranks No.1 among all the other shows in the channel and also among other shows airing in its time slot, including those on public broadcasting stations.

The viewership ratings were collected from various paid platforms such as cable, satellite, and IPTV. For the target age group of 20-49 year old peoples, the average rating of 10.7% and all-time high rating of 12.7%, was recorded. Even the average viewership ratings of households in the metropolitan area, skyrocket to 18.7% for average rating and 22.5% for all-time high rating.

Congratulations to “Youn’s Kitchen 2” team on the new records!

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