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Winner’s Lee Seung Hoon apologizes to fans for controversy with BTOB’s Jung Ilhoon.

On the morning of May 28, Lee Seung Hoon uploaded a post on his personal Twitter account, “I want to send my official apology about my act of beating veteran Jung Ilhoon (BTOB) in the head when he wants to have a happy ending in a cheerful atmosphere in today’s broadcast of ‘Idol Radio’. “

Then he added, “I also want to apologize to Melody (BTOB’s fan club) – who felt dissatisfied with having to watch this scene. In the future, I will become more careful with Winner‘s Lee Seung Hoon.”

Earlier, Lee Seung Hoon demonstrated the sense of entertainment when he joined the radio program “Idol Radio” (MBC Standard FM), in which Jung Ilhoon takes on the role of DJ. However, when Jung Ilhoon suggested the end of the radio broadcast, Lee Seung Hoon used papers to hit his head.

Shortly after the broadcast, fans continued to criticize, “This was disrespectful behavior for the senior.” Because BTOB debuted in 2012, the group is a senior who is 2 years older than Winner who debuted in 2014. Also, there are many critics saying that even they have a close relationship by showing it in a public place as this is an action inconsiderate

Source: mydaily

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