WINNER’s Jinwoo worries fan about wearing Confederate flag shirt

WINNER’s Kim Jinwoo worried fans about wearing a controversial shirt. The controversy happened when a photo posted to Winner’s official account on Instagram. In the photo Jinwoo appears wearing a shirt with a Confederate flag on the right side next to Mino.
The image shocked the fans, as the flag is a controversial symbol of segregation and racism. And demanded that the photo be erased.

Some comments:

WTF WITH JINWOO SHIRT?”. “The flag of Jinwoo shirt symbolizes white supremacy and slavery. It is racist. CUT THAT”. “Omg Jinwoo’s Shirt! Delete this photo”. “Seriously? YG select your stylist, not even the first time.

Other fans found the clothes very offensive and decided to turn their backs on the group:

I’m really a big fan of you guys, I’m so sorry that Jinwoo wore this shirt. I want to get out of the fandom.

Some even assumed that the Winner member wore the T-shirt without any knowledge of the meaning behind the flag. And they wanted to inform him about it so he would not use that symbol anymore.

And you, what did you think of the photo ??? Tell us what you think about it.






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