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Winner makes transformation in MV teaser for new song + unveils new album’s tracklist prior to their comeback.

At 1 pm (KST) May 13, YG Entertainment uploaded the official MV teaser for the title song “AH YEAH” on Winner‘s new mini-album.

Through this MV teaser, Winner unveiled not only the core chorus but also the choreography highlights and the changes in the members’ styles.

Starting with the members’ chanting “AH YEAH”, the video attracted listeners thanks to the addictive guitar riff sound and the bright melody. Winner members in the outfits which harmoniously combine blue and white filled up the video with their excellent and exciting choreography in a free-spirited and lively atmosphere.

The title song “AH YEAH” of Winner’s new mini-album is a “Winner-trademarked dance song” impressive with the highly addictive hook and the lyrics sedately expressing emotions of a cold separation. The title song that delivers refreshing and bright feelings different from the lyrics foreshadowing the farewell is expected to expose Winner’s contrasting charm.

Early, at 10 am (KST) May 11, via the official blog, YG Entertainment revealed the full tracklist poster for Winner’s new album “WE”. In the poster, Winner’s members are dressing in black costumes and displaying their charisma with chic expression.

The new mini-album “WE” was completed with the active participation of members Winner under the guidance of Kang Seung Yoon. He showed great maturity as a producer when composing music and lyrics for a total of 4 songs including the title song “AH YEAH”, “MOLA”, “BOOM”, “EVERYDAY”.

(Photo: YG Entertainment)

Regarding this album, Kang Seung Yoon introduced, “We have delivered songs about youthful and naive love so far. However, this time, we created a song about true feelings that more people are likely to feel.”

The new work “WE” demonstrates the synergy of all 4 members with distinguished personalities when they team up to become Winner. This song also contains determination and another start of the group on the occasion of their 5th debut anniversary. The digital version of “WE” will be released at 6 pm (KST) May 15.

Source: OSEN | Sportschosun

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