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Winner makes comeback with the track “AH YEAH” and already reaches allkills music charts.

At 6 pm (KST) May 15, Winner‘s new mini-album “WE” has been dropped through both Korean and international digital music sites. This is the group’s comeback after 5 months since the digital single “MILLIONS” released on December 19, 2018.

​This new album will bring four new songs, starting with the title song “AH YEAH”, “ZOO”Song Mino‘s self-composed song, “MOLA” Kang Seungyoon‘s self-composed song, and “BOOM”. In addition, “WE” also included 2 special bonus songs. One is the remix version of “EVERYDAY” – the title song in the full album vol.2 released in April 2018 – which is arranged with the upgraded exciting atmosphere. The other is “First Love” (of Butterfly Effect) – the 2019 Winner-labeled version which is remade from the remake version the group showed in the program “Two Yoo Project Sugar Man 2” (JTBC) in May 2018. With a total of 6 songs, “WE” promises to become an album helping listeners feel Winner’s multi-colorful charm.

​The title song of this album is composed by leader Kang Seungyoon titled “AH YEAH”. Kang Seungyoon started writing this song while performing the North America tour in January. In addition, Kang Ukjin, Diggy, Joe Rhee – who have collaborated in most of Winner’s songs – also featured as co-composers and created a highly perfected song.

It is very likely that the group will sweep music charts when returning with a Winner-trademark summer dance song, attracting listeners with an addictive and brilliant chorus along with a rhythmic riff guitar sound, suitable for listening to on muggy days.

​On the contrary, “AH YEAH” is a song about separation, not love. Despite choosing the farewell as a theme after 2 years since “FOOL”, the song showed a new charm when resolving everything as brightly and coolly as possible instead of feeling sad and melancholic as the usual manner.

The emotions that are different compared to all of the group’s previous title songs are also a must-see. Title songs released by Winner that swept No.1 position of many domestic and foreign charts like “REALLY REALLY”, “LOVE ME LOVE ME”, “EVERYDAY”, “MILLIONS” are love songs that convey sweet messages to the beloved one through cheerful melodies.

Kang Seungyoon shared the story about the process of composing this song, “I want to reverse the emphasis on the feelings of missing someone and the pain which are usually seen in many breakup songs. I think that although a breakup is difficult and hurtful, the absolute end of everything like the song ‘AH YEAH’ can also be the happy ending for both.”

​Earlier, with the track “REALLY REALLY”, Winner became the “King of digital music” when they were the first boy group to achieve 100 million streaming. Following “REALLY REALLY”, “MILLIONS”, etc., the song “AH YEAH” took the top spot on digital music charts, once again proving the value of Winner’s popularity.

​At 8 pm (KST) May 15, the title song “AH YEAH” in Winner’s new mini-album named “WE” occupied No.1 position on the real-time chart of Melon – Korea’s largest digital music site. The song also swept No.1 on other music charts such as Bugs, Genie, Olleh Music, and Soribada.

(Video: YG Official)


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