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Winner launches poster to introduce the new album “WE”

At 1 pm (KST) on May 7, YG Entertainment posted a teaser poster on the company’s official blog to reveal the name of Winner‘s new album that is set for comeback on May 15.

The word “WE” attracts the looks when it appears in large size at the top of the photo and the name expresses the intuition, which contains synergy which is promoted when all 4 members with 4 different personalities that together are Winner.

(Photo: YG Entertainment)

The album contains a serious commitment and a new beginning for Winner as they move into the fifth year of their career.

With this new album, Winner determines to find fans with their own genre that only Winner can perform.

Winner shared their feelings ahead of the comeback after 5 months, “In this year, Winner will start from now. We will come back in a rush, so please paying a lot of attention to us. We’re very excited and want to create many beautiful memories.”

Source: OSEN

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