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Winner reveals title track to comeback with the name “AH YEAH”.

On May 9, at 10 am (KST) through the official blog, YG Entertainment posted a poster photo showing the title song “AH YEAH” on Winner‘s new mini-album “WE“, along with credits for composers

On the poster, Winner attracts all eyes when they exude a dreamlike temperament and a backdrop with a beige tone.

The boys made the public more curious about the concept of the new song when dressing up in dandy customs harmoniously mixing between two colors white and black.

The members actively participated in writing lyrics and composing music for the title song “AH YEAH ‘”. The lyrics were written by Kang Seung Yoon, Song Mino, Lee Seung Hoon. Besides, Kang Seung Yoon also along with Kang Wook Jin, Diggy and Joe Rhee contributed to composing “AH YEAH ‘”, thereby helping the song achieve perfection.

(Photo: YG Entertainment)

“AH YEAH ‘” is “Winner-brand summer dance song” which is catchy when it possesses the lyrics that calmly express emotions from the cold separation and rhythmic guitar riff and addictive chorus. Under the leadership of Kang Seung Yoon, the members were directly involved in the composition, thereby further highlighting the distinctive music color of Winner.

Winner’s new mini-album “WE” will be released at 6 pm (KST) on May 15.

Source: OSEN

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