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Why are young Koreans so obsessed with the “ideal weight”?

In the world of Kpop, which sells lean figures as presentable, possible and even admirable, there seems to be a fine line between dieting and starvation, due to the pressure of staying lean, which can result in serious consequences.

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Female groups share testimonies of extreme diets on television, from the diet of the glass – in which all components of a meal must fit into a small glass – to the self-explanatory meal regime.

Since a Korean woman weighing more than 50 kg is already considered fat regardless of her height, it is clear that it is not possible to be so thin, and to be 100% healthy (some are not fattening by nature, but most are anorexic).

Many Koreans go through extreme cases of malnutrition to reach the country’s beauty standard, even hallucinating hunger, passing out on stage, and eventually being hospitalized.

Being below the ideal weight for your height has consequences, which is why it is common in K-Pop people to faint and for as long as it is said that it is by excess of effort, not to feed well is the factor that causes fainting and dizziness.

When a fat artist has talent, he undergoes a drastic change once he is selected by a company or makes his debut and then fans start coming (Lee Hi, AKMU – Suhyun, 15 & – Jimin, EXO – Xiumin, Big Bang – TOP, BTS – Jimin, etc). In the end, all idols go through “refinement” to become lean and slender.

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The influence of the mass media can not be ignored with regard to the victims of anorexia in Korea, says psychiatrist Kim Hwan-Ki.

“The media glamorize the unreal bodies of some individuals,” Hwan-Ki wrote in a column in March, “which leads to the obsession of patients with extremely thin and unreal bodies, and the strange pride of being dangerously underweight.”

Ladies’ Code Sojung also revealed that she used a notebook to record her diet. In one record it read: “an orange, 15 cherry tomatoes and a piece of pumpkin”.

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It’s culture, but probably world-wide. However, culture can be toxic, never forget that. In Korea people know they will be judged by their appearance. No matter your ability, if your competitor is thinner, well … The job is his job. The place in the group is his.

In 2014, until then member of Girls’ Generation, Tiffany, said on a talk show that due to her 48 kg and 1.62m tall, she was the heaviest member of the group and therefore was given the nickname “pig.”

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“Young girls need a lot of nutrition to grow and may end up spoiling their health permanently on extreme diets,” says Dr. Oh Sangwoo of Ilsan Hospital, Dongguk University.

In South Korea, as in the rest of East Asia, being fat is mainly seen as a sign of laziness. Although most Korean teenagers are chubby, you will not see chubby cheeks or KPop videos and the same goes for boys, a lot of Korean teenagers are chubby as well.

A study at Soon Chun University, which monitored the nation’s public television networks for six months, found that body-shaming of plus-size women is prevalent.

“In Korea, if a boy is fat, people say he looks like someone in good standing. However, if a girl is fat, people wonder if she can find a husband. “

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Both women and men can not help facing the look, but that puts more weight on women’s shoulders. “Many men are also interested in looking after their appearance, but doing so is almost a must for women. It seems there are stereotypes for women’s looks, such as thin arms and legs, muscular thighs and large breasts. “

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Source: KoreaPost | HallyuTown

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