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Weki Meki releases lovely and energetic teaser photos for the new album.

On May 4, through the official SNS, Weki Meki made fans look forward to the group’s comeback when they posted the “LOCK” version group’s teaser photos for the single album “LOCK END LOL”. Earlier, Weki Meki promised a comeback stage when she released a series of photos of the girls following the “School Crush” concept.

The first teaser draws attention to the look when they show a school style different from the classroom background styles. The trendy style using the items and the hairstyle full of personality has doubly raised the 8 members’ charisma, at the same time maximally expressing the group’s Teen Crush attraction along with the photogenic posing way.

In the second teaser photo, the Weki Meki girls captured all the eyes when dressing in sportswear with polo shirts and tennis skirts and look straight into the camera lens. On the background of a tennis court, the girls immediately reminded viewers of club activities after school. In addition to conveying the source of the unique youthful energy of a dignified and passionate Weki Meki, the look of the eight girls has also made the concept “School Crush” this time more interesting.

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