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Weki Meki drops teaser in ‘student record’ concept and exudes high-teen crush charm in MV teaser.

The single album vol.2 “LOCK END LOL” of Weki Meki has started counting down to the comeback day. On May 12, Student Record, the teaser photos containing the personalities of 8 members posted on the official SNS channel has attracted much attention.

​The published photo series is introducing the characters of each member under the keyword “Wekimeki School Student Book”. From the rock and roll maniac – Suyeon, the top student – Elly, the smart girl who is the school president – Yoojung, SNS star – Doyeon, the mirror princess – Sei, the one who is always late for school – Lua, gifted sports student – Rina, to the girl who has the warmest heart in school – Lucy. The explanation of the Weki Meki members gathered together with the different charisma of each one that is provoking mass curiosity about the School Crush concept that the group will show.

Moreover, following the “LOCK” version that shows the looks of girls in a highteen movie and “LOL” version in which they transformed into funky girl, Weki Meki has pushed the expectation of a comeback performance to climax when announcing Student Record, the teaser photos to showcase each member’s personality.

On May 10, the management agency Fantagio published the MV teaser for the song “Picky Picky” on the single album vol. 2 “LOCK END LOL” by Weki Meki, thereby heightening the public’s expectation for the group’s upcoming comeback.

In the above video, Weki Meki captured attention as they appeared in the image resembling that of the last scene in the MV for the title song ”Crush” on their single album vol.1 “Kiss, Kicks”. The charismatic Weki Meki girls unlock the entrance where the school uniforms are juxtaposed and the members’ implicative expressions when looking at those clothes has awakened viewers’ curiosity.

​The image of “cool” Weki Meki walking fearlessly and exuding high-teen crush charm with various personalities like in a school movie has made the public curious about the complete MV.

Besides, Weki Meki’s title song ”Picky Picky” is a catchy song with an addictive hook and the repeated phrase “Picky Picky” on a fast-tempo funky track. In particular, like the lyrics “Like it, Don’t like it”, the song can make listeners fully feel Weki Meki’s own strong and energetic teen-crush charm, thereby arousing high expectations from the public before the comeback.

After raising the expectations for the comeback stage through the teaser video for the title song ”Picky Picky”. One day before their comeback, Weki Meki is working hard on the final preparation and will be releasing the new song “Picky Picky” on online music sites at 6 pm (KST) May 14.

(Video: Fantagio Music)
(Video: Fantagio Music)

Source: OSEN | mydaily

Photo: Fantagio Entertainment

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