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Weki Meki comeback to be No.1 in music programs, with the new song “Picky Picky”.

At 4 pm (KST) on May 14, Weki Meki held a showcase to celebrate the release of the single vol.2 “LOCK END LOL” at iMarket Hall, Blue Square, Hannam Ward, Yongsan District, Seoul and revealed the stage of the new song “Picky Picky” for the first time. Weki Meki has made a comeback with the Teen crush concept that is stronger than before and attracted the audience with the talent and charisma that have been honed in 7 months of absence.

​Also on that day, Weki Meki shared thoughts on the comeback, “It’s been a long time that we didn’t come back. The whole group has practice ourselves hard for the past 7 months so Weki Meki will make efforts to bring the audience a wonderful image. We have been more mature in many sides. Weki Meki believes that our fans and the public will give us love.”

Weki Meki is the group that created the image of Teen Crush, so through this new song, the group has further emphasized and expanded their identity. From the Teen Crush style, Weki Meki has brought the opposite attraction by high-teen crush and funky crush.

The group will demonstrate the diverse charm of school crush and high-teen crush. Girls show their determination to solidify the color of the group with a stronger concept.

The new song “Picky Picky” released by Weki Meki at 6 pm today (May 14) (KST) is an attractive song, possessing an addictive hook on the Funky music background. “Picky Picky” also contains Weki Meki’s strong Teen Crush appeal, combining with the lyrics straightforwardly expressing the feelings of love and hate. This new song fully encompasses the unique charm and talent of Weki Meki who has grown stronger after this comeback after 7 months.

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Source: OSEN

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