Watch BTS React To ‘DNA’ MV

After the record breaking music video ‘DNA’ was released it has received a numerous amount of appraises. BTS has recently shared a video on the group’s official YouTube channel, Bangtan TV. The boys were all attentive on the screen and throughout the kept saying this was the first time watching their music video which we can tell throughout their reactions.

The 7 members were so fascinated about the cinematography and editing skills, and kept praising each others looks and moves throughout the video. Suga kept screaming “J-HOOOPPPEEE” whenever he would appear in the video getting a lot of laughter from the member. You can tell that they were satisfied and blown away by how the video came out and how the different shots were put together. At the end of the video V said “Everyone, please show lots of love for ‘DNA.’

‘DNA’ has gained a total of 32 Million views since its release on September 18.

Check out their  reactions down below!





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