Wanna One’s agency releases statement on severe violations of the group’s privacy.

Wanna One's agency release statement on violation of the group's privacy

Frequent violations of Wanna One‘s privacy has lead YMC Entertainment to release n official statement requesting the fans to respect the group’s privacy and personal life.

On February 13th KST, YMC Entertainment released a statement requesting the fans to refrain from violating the group’s privacy as the members are suffering through mental stress due to it.

The statement reads, “We express our sincere gratitude to all the Wannables that give generous support and love to Wanna One.

We have released similar statements several times already, but we are sending a request to certain fans who are causing harm to the Wanna One members. Recently, due to certain fans that acquire the personal information of Wanna One members illegally and attempt to contact them whether it’s day or night, not only are Wanna One’s schedules affected, but also the members’ sleep and personal lives have become difficult. The artists have expressed severe mental stress as a result.

We ask that you recognize the harm given to the artists’ personal lives when you attempt to call them or send messages through text or mobile messengers, and we earnestly request that you halt such actions that ruin the artists’ valuable lives.

Also, using the safety of Wanna One members as an excuse to send threats or false information to agency staff and installing location tracking devices on their vehicles to follow them to private schedules, such actions disturb the artists’ schedules and can harm their safety, so we request that you refrain from doing so.

The statement concludes, “We ask for your cooperation so that Wanna One members no longer receive mental suffering due to improper acts by certain fans.

Such issues have also been previously reported by various artists who faced severe problems due to violation of their privacy, which caused major stress in their personal lives. It is surprising that fans still continue to disregard the needs of the artists they love and support.

It is humbly requested to all the fans, to understand the sufferings that the artists go through and refrain from taking actions that might cause them trouble or stress, as the artists love their fans equally and expect fans to be understanding.

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