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VIXX’s Ravi and GFriend’s Eunha capture hearts with the release of the track “BLOSSOM”.

The duet between VIXX’s Ravi and GFriend’s Eunha was released on digital music sites at 6 pm (KST) on April 11th.

The track is a love song with the coolness of cherry blossom. The track gives the signal to the beginning of the project “2019 Pepsi K-pop Collaboration”.

In addition, music has the message of encouraging the young who is hesitant to come to love and tell they not to give up on their are even if reality is not what they expect.

In the music, Eunha and Ravi work in harmony along with the production of the team GroovyRoom. And Ravi also composed the song and wrote the lyrics for the track.

Watch the MV of the track “BLOSSOM” below and stay tuned for more updates.

(Video: 1theK Official Channel)

Source: TEN Asia

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