Types of Housing in Korea

South Korea has a housing system totally different from foreign countries. If you want to stay at Korea, you should first check the housing types and choose the right one for you.

In this post, I will include 3 types of housing in South Korea to help you to choose the ideal accomodation for you.

1-Apartments 아파트:

Apartments in Korea refer to residences which are designed for families. They usually have larger space and a wider range of rooms. And, apartment complexes include some facilities like supermarkets, elevators, parking lots, pharmacy and there is always a security man in the complex. So don’t be shocked by the big price you will need to pay for this type of housing.

2-Villa 빌라:

Villas in South Korea are totally different from the Villas you know in your homecountry.

Villas in Seoul are often old buidings divided to three or five floors, they usually don’t have elevators and the rooms can be furnished yet unfurnished.

This kind of buiding is located in residential areas and they are pretty cheaper than other types of housing.

3-Officetel 오피스텔:

Officetel, a combination of “ofice” and “hotel” is considered as the best modern houses for korean couples. They are often located around the metropolises and they are highly furnished( washing machines, refrigerator, drawers..).

The buidings are totally new and they are most located near to subway and bus stations, so convenient, and they include coffeshops, restaurants, spa, hairsalons..depending on your luck !

Obviously, they are more expensive but all worth it.

I hope that this post is helpful, please don’t forget to comment and share!



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