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TXT will hold their first showcase in the United States after 2 months after debut.

On April 9, via official SNS and fan community, Big Hit Entertainment unveiled a ”TOMORROW X TOGETHER SHOWCASE: STAR in US” poster announcing the group’s first showcase in the US.

(Photo: Big Hit Entertainment)

According to the published schedule, and following US time, TXT will hold a showcase starting in New York on May 9, in Chicago on May 12, in Orlando on May 14, in Atlanta on the day May 17, in Dallas on May 19 and in Los Angeles on May 24. The boys also planned to meet with the fans who supported the group in the 6 cities.

Pre-orders for tickets will be conducted simultaneously for all shows in the 6 cities via online booking sites on April 19 at 4 pm (The US time).

Source: mydaily

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