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TXT (Together X Tomorrow) makes their much anticipated debut with the MV of the track “Crown” and also their first stage performance.

The long awaited group, TXT (Together X Tomorrow), made their debut under the Big Hit Entertainment label. And through the official SNS of the agency and the group, they released the MV of “Crown”, title track of the mini album “The Dream Chapter: STAR”.

“Crown” is a song with a trendy melody and unique lyrics. In the video the boys show bright colors as well as cheerful images making good use of animated cartoons and graphic emotions. The boys’ appearance is the blending of purity with innocence. This makes the fans remember the stark contrast when the BTS (their senior group) debuted, in which the group used dark colors and a heavier concept.

And an hour after the debut MV was released to fans, TXT made its first stage performance in a special broadcast on Mnet, called “Tomorrow X Together Debut Celebration Show.” And in a powerful presentation, the boys showed all their youth through their visuals. And the wave dance chosen by the group also attracted the eyes of the audience.

In a video letter, leader Soobin shared, “Thank the members for trusting and following me. Although we still have many shortcomings, we are doing well.”

Yeonjun expressed his feeling, “I feel choked in my heart like I want to cry.” Beomgyu emphasized that they have today thanks to all five members, “Without the members, I could not survive all the hardships.”

Hueningkai gave a promise, “I am very grateful and want to meet the fans who have been waiting for us. The group will present you many great images.” Taehyun also shared his wish, “We want to be a great Tomorrow X Together on stage and friendly off stage.”

Then check out the MV of the “Crown” track and the first stage performance of TXT. And stay tuned for more news.

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