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Twice releases teaser group photo in natural atmosphere for the release of the album “FANCY YOU”

On April 12, through official Twice‘s SNS, JYP Entertainment published teaser group photo for the release of the new album “FANCY YOU”.

Unlike the previous photos, the girls are showing stunning looks but at the same time comfortable while displaying bright smiles, completely changing the charisma of the group.

Amidst the warm and natural atmosphere in group teaser photo, Twice’s 9 members show off various and distinctive charms when donning outfits highlighting characteristics of each person. If the girls focus on the colorful feel as well as the fashion style evoking a strong sense of colors in the individual teaser photos, this time, the group has shown an appearance worthy of “concept masters” who are capable of meshing with any concept when exuding a harmonious atmosphere in the new teaser image.

The digital version of the title song “FANCY” and all of the songs on Twice’s mini-album vol.7 “FANCY YOU” will be released via digital music sites at 6 pm (KST) April 22.

(Photo: JYP Entertainment)

Source: Starnews

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