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Twice releases more batch of individual teaser photos of the members and also releases teaser video for “FANCY”.

On April 13, JYP Entertainment published Twice‘s individual teaser photos for their new album entitled “FANCY YOU” which display mysterious charm of the 9 members.

The girls captured all eyes thanks to their doll-like appearance and their feminity shown through delicate expressions. Each member of Twice exudes their own appeal, making viewers sense the group’s more mature look.

At 0:00 (KST) April 15, the teaser video for Twice’s new song “FANCY” was released. Jeongyeon evoked the viewers’ curiosity with the image as if she is pricked by thorn after walking from behind and touching vibrant red roses.

According to JYP Entertainment, the release of “FANCY” will be the beginning of the change of concept that Twice has expressed from the beginning.

Besides, it is expected that Twice will meet with fans around the world through the 2019 world tour. The group will hold 10 concerts in 9 cities around the world (including 4 cities in North America) starting from Seoul on May 25 and 26, Bangkok on June 15, Manila on June 29, Singapore on July 13, Los Angeles on July 17, Mexico City on July 19, Newark on July 21, Chicago on July 23 and finally Kuala Lumpur on August 17.

The release of “FANCY” and mini-album vol.7 “FANCY YOU” takes place on April 22 at 6 pm (KST).

(Video: JYP Entertainment Official Channel)

Source: Dispatch | JTBC PLUS

Photos: JYP Entertainment

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