Top Korean Youtubers you should know!

And then guys, I decided to make a very interesting post this time. Everyone knows with the popularization of the internet and having our dear Korea as the country that has the fastest internet in the world, a new profession or I can say a new category of celebrity has gained a lot of space. I’m talking about youtubers. Yes, you may have heard or seen several youtubers who speak K-POP, or Korean culture. But do you know any Korean youtuber?

I want to share with you a list of some of the best known youtubers in Korea. And also in other countries. Come on?

GOtoe (Comedy)

He’s a crazy youtuber, but your videos will make you die from laughing. It shows how mastered the art of doing mash-ups and covers of K-POP songs. The funniest thing is that he mixes various special effects with various weird dances. It’s worth watching!

SSIN (Makeup)

SSINnim is a youtuber makeup artist, tomboy and a fan of G-Dragon. Always doing tutorials on how to make idols makeup and some day-to-day makeup. Besides making reviews on various makeup products, and she does not work alone. From time to time you can see in your videos your brother, your cousin and some friends youtubers and makeup artists. The coolest thing about her videos is the English subtitles, but always good humor. SSIN owns a make-up brand and also has two more channels showing a little more of her routine.

Waveya (dance)

A channel of dance covers. K-pop made many fans stand in front of the cameras and show off their talents. This happened to the Waveya dance group. The girls are the number one cover team in Korea and have been rocking from 2NE1 to Beyoncé. I think all of us kopopper already watched some cover of these super talented girls that exude sensuality.

Sungha Jung (Music)

Sungha Jung is a musician who makes a wonderful acoustic. Also known as the “Prince of the guitar”, the talent he has in the strings is to be open-mouthed, it is no wonder that the boy has more than 3 million enrolled in his channel.

Eugenie Kitchen (Recipes)

Eugenie shows how easy it is to cook with her tutorials. She makes cookies and eating rainbow cakes with her eyes. If one day you want to get out of the same ass and take something different at the party, you can bet on the youtuber channel that is to impress any masterchef.

Nim Shoogi (Meokbang)

It may seem a little stressing and different is this video category, but it’s unbelievable the way this girl eats. For those who do not know, the Meokbang is the mixture of the Korean words meokda 먹다 (eat) and bang 방 (room). This type of video shows ordinary people feeding themselves with huge amounts of food. Nim Shoogi is relatively new but her face / personality has quickly made her a star. She is tiny yet can eat large portions and her reactions make it a joy to each her eat.

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