Top 5 Korean Ballad Songs for Fall !

We all know how much music is important in our daily life and how it comforts our souls.

In this post, I will help you to choose your Fall Playlist:

1-MAKTUB-Marry me( 마크툽-구윤회 ):

“Marry me” is about a guy’s proposal to his loved one.

2-M.C THE MAX-No mater what ( 엠씨더맥스-어디에도 ):

M.C THE MAX never failed to comfort and warm up ou hearts.

3-PARK HYO SHIN-Wild Flower ( 박효신-야생화 ):

This incredible song explains how love can come and go, excatly like the seasons.

4-NAUL-Memory of the wind ( 나얼-바람기억 ):

This song was produced in September 2012.

When the wind blows and shakes up my heart
I think of the past times
And close my two eyes

5- SoYou(소유), Kwon Soonil(권순일), Park Yongin(박용인)(Urban Zakapa) _ The Space Between(틈):

This song gives the perfect breezy feeling of an early autumn season.


I was happy to share with you this short yet amazing fall playlist with you, and I would be happier to know which one is your favorite.




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