TOP 5 Common Questions Asked by Koreans !

After the end of the Korean War, South Korea becomes more open to foreigners.

Today and according to recent statistics, the proportion of foreigners in the South Korean population steadily increases to exceed the 2 million.

However, Koreans are still not used to see foreigners crossing the korean streets.

Down below, you will find the Top 5 questions you might be asked the most by Koreans :

  1. Where are you from ? Nothing weird; number one question asked to foreigners everywhere they are and by everyone, not only in Korea !
  2. Do you like Kimchi ? 김치를 좋아해요? And here start the national pride questions; Kimchi is the symbol of the Korean cuisine and don’t be shocked to smell it all over the country and to have it 3times a day. If your answer is “YES”, be ready to visit the best korean restaurants in the town.
  3. Why are you in Korea ? What brings you to our country ? The most expected answer is “Because of Kpop”, but South Korea has the biggest Universities in the world and the best views someone could ever seen. So dear korean readers, don’t be shocked by the big amount of foreigners coming to explore your wonderful country !
  4. Can you eat spicy food ? Uh, I personally got tired of this question.. Yes I love spicy food just bring me the spiciest meal you could ever make Ahjumma !
  5. How do you find Korean people ? Are they beautiful/handsome ? Koreans are so attached to appareance and beauty is as important as food, so be ready to get this question at least once a day.

Come on guys, every single person in this world is BEAUTIFUL !



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