Three YG Entertainment Artists Who Carry An Expensive Phone Case

Money and fame goes hand in hand, and with the great styles that many Kpop artists wear, their accessories is also expensive.

There are three expensive phones cases in the world, which these are no ordinary ones because they have the words “bling” written on all of them. Also, these phone cases are owned by three of YG Entertainment’s artists.

Starting with Sandara Park, which the case from luxury fashion company called G-Brand, is made from solid gold and costs around $5033.

Big Bang member G-Dragon is at the highest peak of luxury, which his phone case is customized by adding diamonds. G-Dragon’s phone case costs $8895! Truly, this phone case is expensive because it’s made out of pure gold.

Lastly, if you thing G-Dragon’s phone case is expensive, Seungri’s is more, which putting the cost will blow your mind because one gram of 24 karat gold costs $50. Base that price towards a phone case that’s covered in gold.

YG Entertainment certainly is a company that’s full of great talent who are certainly rich. Reading this, you might even want to consider auditioning at YG.

What are your thoughts regarding this expensive phones cases?



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