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The drug test result of Big Bang’s Seungri is negative.

BigBang‘s member Seungri is involved in a controversy involving an alleged complaint involving the Burning Sun club. On February 27, the singer volunteered to the Seoul District Police Station to take the drug test and was still enthusiastic in collaborating with the investigations.

On Feb. 28, Seungri’s lawyer said, “According to the police, the first investigation’s result was negative and there was no problem at all.” A hair sample can contain lots of data recorded 2-3 years ago.” He added, “He has accepted a thorough investigation in relation to sexual entertainment and controversies surrounding Burning Sun as being. in collusion with the police, we are looking forward to all questions being clarified.”

At the end of the first investigation, Seungri shared his resentment after much news that he “fabricated material,” he said, “I have completed the investigation into all the doubts. As for the drug problem, I went through all procedures of examination as the drug investigation team wanted. Many people must be angry at me after such controversies, but I will cooperate with the investigation so as to clear up all these doubts (…) Please wait for the investigation result. I will definitely present to conduct additional investigations whenever I am called.”

The public is paying close attention to what the police will say soon after the end of the investigation.

Source and Photo: OSEN

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