Super Junior’s Kim Heechul talks about deciding to open up regarding his health issues and malicious comments.

Kim Heechul, Super Junior PLAY Press conference.

At a press conference for Super Junior‘s new album, Kim Heechul talked about deciding to open up regarding his health issues and injuries before the comeback.

On Nov 6th, a press conference was held on the day of Super Junior’s long awaited  comeback, where the members talked about their new album “PLAY“.  A reporter mentioned during the conference that the fans are concerned about Kim Heechul’s health after he posted recently on Instagram, to talk about the chronic pain in his ankle which was caused due to a car accident 11 years ago.

To this, Kim Heechul replied saying, “Since 11 years ago when I was in a car accident, every time we’ve done a comeback, I’ve heard the same things. For example, when we were doing performances of ‘Rokkugo‘ and ‘Don’t Don‘, there were a lot of comments saying things like ‘Just go to the army’ or ‘You purposely got in an accident to avoid going to the army’, etc.

He also explained saying, “During ‘Sorry Sorry‘, Eunhyuk had arranged the choreography considering the condition of my ankle so I could dance in just the latter part.” And added, “To which people commented ‘He is earning money so easily.’ Such comments continued even after I was discharged from military (completing civil service) and throughout more recent comebacks like ‘Mamacita‘ and ‘Devil‘.

He also expressed his disappointment saying, “If I was energetic and passionate at the concerts, I’d be told ‘Go to the army.’ And on appearing only in the end part of the choreography, due to the previously decided arrangement, people would comment ‘His job is so easy’. I think the internet comments inevitably end up being like a constraint.

Kim Heechul said that because of this he thought for a long time about when to talk about his injury and health. “It was getting worse with age, and the doctor said it wasn’t possible for it to get better and that I’d need to keep up rehabilitation treatments to prevent it from getting worse. So Eunhyuk, Shindong and the members changed the choreography of ‘Black Suit‘, so that I would only be at the end part again, even though we are missing a member.

He explained that it was because of this that he had posted on Instagram, but added that he didn’t really think anything would be different because of his post. “They will still keep commenting in the same way, but I wanted to talk to the fans who support me and Super Junior. The fans have as well been frustrated about the malicious comments.”

Even though Kim Heechul’s treatments in his ankle will continue, he is healthy and happy and we hope he remains so.

In the meanwhile, Super Junior comes back with refreshing new album “PLAY“, and also releases the official MV for their title track “Black Suit” on Nov 6th.

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