Sunmi releases ‘Gashina’ her first single in 3 years!

Previous Wonder Girl’s member and JYP artist SUNMI has released her first single in 3 years. After switching from JYP Entertainment in March of 2017, SUNMI signed with MakeUs Entertainment and has released her new single ‘Gashina‘. A Synth/EMD track with lyrics full of questions and melancholy! The music video gives us beautiful shots of flowers and endless colors along with SUNMI herself beautiful as always, but has a grainy overly and subdued contrast. It also has a trippy fantasy feel and creates the image of being in a dream that progresses into a nightmare that we can escape from only through our own efforts. Take a look at the MV below;;

What do you think of SUNMI’s new comeback? We here at IHEARTKOREA think we are in love with the song, aesthetic, and everything in between! Let us know what you think in the comments below.





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