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Stray Kids releases batches of individual photos teasers for “Miroh”.

For the release of the title track “Miroh” which is included in the new mini album titled “Clé 1: MIROH”, Stray Kids is releasing teaser photos of the members to stimulate the fans’ curiosity about the group’s new concept for this comeback.

Like the debut track “District 9” and the track “My Pace”, the new song “Miroh” was composed and written by 3Racha, the team formed by Stray Kids’ rapper line.

The music will express the ambitions and desires of the boys beyond the maze of fear where they need to be courageous and confident in themselves.

JYP has further stimulated the curiosity of fans and raising expectations when it shows reviews of critiques before officially releasing the song. Billboard critic Jeff Benjamin said, “‘MIROH’ contains both transformation and evolution. However, this song still shows Stray Kids’ own confidence and style.”

In addition, this comeback will also mark the first year anniversary of Stray Kids, drawing even more attention from fans. So stay tuned because the release of “Miroh” will take place on March 25, at 6 pm (KST). Check out the photos below!

Source: OSEN

Photo: JYP Entertainment

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