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Stray Kids releases posters revealing the tracklist of the new album.

JYP Entertainment attracted the public’s expectations by reporting that Stray Kids’ new album, Clé 2: Yellow Wood, would be released on June 19.

At 0:00 (KST) on June 6, JYP announced two versions of the tracklist of this album on the official SNS of Stray Kids, along with the title track and the songs on the B side.

Thus, the new album will have three new songs, including the title song “Side Effect” as the second track and “Road Never Walked” as the first track. In addition, it also consists of 4 songs previously released in the form of a CD.

(Photo: JYP Entertainment)

Along with that, the group sold all the tickets for the tour in the United States with a total of 4 concerts, starting from Newark (May 14, 2015) to Los Angeles (May 17) and Houston (May 19). In that, the ticket to the Newark show was sold out shortly after the pre-sale, so the group decided to add another show.

(Photo: JYP Entertainment)

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