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Stray Kids makes a powerful comeback with “Side Effects”

With a powerful energy source, Stray Kids once again began its own history. At 6 pm on June 19th, these 9 boys officially returned after the release of the special album “Clé 2: Yellow Wood”. The group is unveiling the story of Stray Kids in its unique method and conveying another strong message.

The title track “Side Effects” of the new album is a continuous song without pause with the combination of the powerful beat and the animated beat. This is a song that can mix the appeal of Stray Kids – the group that is always full of energy. The music provides a genuine feeling, just like the brave heart of the group. The music full of Stray Kids personality has become simpler and engaging.

“Side Effects” is a song that sincerely expresses the concerns and feelings about challenging choices. Music is a psychedelic trance band that features energy energy with a powerful beat. Therefore, the performance of this song is also receiving expectation, as it is heralded as a sharp choreography full of charisma.

The song is composed directly by the production team of Stray Kids, 3Racha, so the lyrics directly express the hearts of the boys.

Video: JYP Official

Source: OSEN

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