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Stray Kids announces return with new album for June.

On the morning of June 4, JYP Entertainment (JYP) announced the group’s return, Stray Kids will release a new special album entitled ‘Cle 2: Yellow Wood’ on June 19.”

Stray Kids will continue its growth path by returning with the new album after only 3 months since the release of the mini-album “Cle 1: MIROH” and the title song “MIROH” on March 25.

Then, at 0:00 (KST) on June 4, JYP increased the heat of this return by announcing the video “Stray Kids Cle 2: Yellow Wood trailer” on the group’s official SNS channel.

In the video released, the opening with the 9-member image of the Stray Kids staring at a forest of skyscrapers as they entered the elevator led to a strange place, all give a sense of tension and mystery. Then, after entering the elevator and pressing the L button to go up to the lobby floor, Stray Kids faced the dominant atmosphere of the crowd that appeared in the video “MIROH” earlier. In the end, they did not go down to this floor.

After that, the video of the trailer ended with the sudden movement of the elevator and the image of Stray Kids appearing in a suspicious place shortly after the leader Bangchan use the key and press the button YW symbolizing the word Yellow Wood. The video, which is no different from previewing a movie with the appearance of being taken to an unknown location, is increasingly arousing the public’s curiosity.


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