South Korea’s Baby Box

Many places like Namsan Seoul Tower (남산서울타워), Myeong-dong (명동) and the 63 Building are very popular attractions in Seoul. During the summer days, these attractions can be jammed packed with people trying to take in the spectacular views of the city and its everyday life. Many of these attractions see hundreds of tourists a day, but there is one special attraction that is hidden on the top of a mountain and nestled in between homes. This hidden gem is South Korea’s베이비박스  (Baby box).

Pastor Lee Jong-rak, since 2009, has been taking orphans in from the drop box. There, the box gives temporary shelter for the children before they are taken to an orphanage. This gives them another chance at life.

The Baby Box has grown increasingly popular around the world when a documentary called ‘The DropBox’ was released. The film tells viewers the story of the drop box, how it began, what it’s goals are and what it has achieved.

Their official Facebook page states “The “Baby box” is the facility made to prevent the death of babies who are abandoned in dangerous surroundings due to the reasons that they were born by single mothers or born with disabilities.”

One inside the box (with the door shut) babies are safe and are warm. Inside the house, a bell goes off, alerting everyone that there was a baby dropped off. Many times, then not, these babies have no letters or documentations as to who they are. The box works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making sure that no more babies are abandoned on the street.

He takes in all babies and doesn’t discriminate against those who have disabilities. Pastor Jong-rak believes that all the babies he receives are special. Each of them has a special place in the world where God wants them.  He states in the documentary “They’re not the unnecessary ones in the world. God sent them to the earth to use them.”

This is the street one (a mother with a baby) must climb in order to reach the baby box.

The Baby Box is a unique place to visit. One of a kind, it is changing Seoul and changing babies’ lives. Wanting to share the word, the documentary does an amazing job showcasing Jong-raks deeds.

Surprisingly (to my family when we visited), the baby box is located up a hill. The baby box was nestled on the side of a house in the suburbs of Seoul. The venture there was hard for us (in the middle of December the streets were iced over), one can only imagine carrying a baby up the hill to drop off would be extremely hard.

Anyone looking for a unique place to visit should surely make the trek to see the baby box.


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