South Korea Ready To Host PyeongChang 2018

South Korea is ready to host the 2018 Winter Games because the Olympic Committee’s Coordination Committee had its last visit to PyeongChang.

During the visit, the committee oversaw the advances and preparations for the venues and infrastructure on where the games will be held.

The coordination committee revealed that the organizing committee are working hard to make sure preparations are completed as the start of the Olympic Games is coming.

With the organizing committee working hard and nearing completion of the venues, PyeongChang 2018 will initiate its promotional activities, with the second phase of ticket sells starting next week, and the Olympic torch relay is scheduled to start in two months.

With all the preparations taking place, the President of the PyeongChang 2018 organizing committee, Lee Hee Beom, is excited for the Olympic games to start.

“We are now just 162 days away from the start of the Olympic Winter Games and working to put the important finishing touches to the games,” reported Breaking Travel News.

Lee Hee Beom continues regarding how the games will bring a plethora of excitement and that the Olympic winter games will be the best.

“We want to make these the best winter games ever and showcase Korea to the world as a global leader in sports and as the new hub for winter sports in Asia.”

When the Olympic games start, South Korea is going to attract a plethora of tourists, which housing and transportation is getting ready too.

There are many hotels and houses that will be available for tourists to stay when the Olympic Winter Games start in 2018. Though if you are looking to vacation and want to stay in a fully furnished house without hurting your pocket, then you’ll want to consider staying at a guest house.

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PyeongChang 2018 will start Feb. 9 – 25. Are you ready for the Olympic Games to start?

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