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SM opens a puzzle event to guess the name of the BoA’s new song.

At 9 am (KST) on May 29, SM Entertainment uploaded a new teaser image with vivid colors in the BoA‘s SNS and on the official homepage.

BoA’s pose is also full of confidence. The singer placed her hand under her chin and tilted her head slightly, highlighting the characteristic pointed chin and increasing her lofty charisma.

Blending a light blue sleeveless shirt from a famous brand with sunglasses adorned with pearl temples. Besides, she still wore colored jewelry.

Before the official release of the new product, the singer also held a puzzle event. She prepared vocabulary puzzles for fans to guess the title and release date of the new song. The correct answer must be announced at 1 pm (KST) on May 31st.

Source: Dispatch

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