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SM Entertainment talks about contract termination rumors of EXO’s D.O.

According to a Korean media, EXO’s member, Do Kyung Soo (D.O) would be in discussions with SM Entertainment about the renewal of the contract, but there is a agreement about the artist ending his contract with the agency.

After the rumor began, the SM Ent. denied and stated, “This is a baseless rumor. The contract period of D.O as well as all EXO’s members are still remain long.”

But soon, a representative said, “Beside Do Kyung Soo, all the other EXO members have decided to extend the contract. However, despite carefully considering the terms of the contract, Do Kyung Soo decided to part with SM.”

D.O joined the EXO on April 8, 2012 and the 7 year contract will officially end now in April but he is also currently considering acting on his next film.

Source: V Today Vietnam Official

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