Shop At Mag Girl and MSLN CO For Korean Fashion, Beauty Products, And More At An Affordable Price

Hope everyone is starting their 2018 with a bang. We will like to thank all our readers here, and will definitely continue bringing you the latest news regarding your favorite Kpop stars, events that are taking place here in South Korea, and where to find great deals on Korean fashion and beauty products.  Since we currently live in the digital age, e-commerce stores is making people’s lives easier by allowing you to shop online and purchase the item from their online store, which will then be shipped at your home address in weeks.

This said, we have several new products that just arrived, which you can go and purchase at these two popular online stores. They are Mag Girl and MSLN CO.

Mag Girl

Mag Girl is an online shopping store where you can purchase pajamas, fitness clothes, and swimwear. This online store has prices that are inexpensive, and will not hurt your pocket too much. Currently, Mag Girl is offering a 20 percent discount on all of their pajamas. Mag Girl is located in Australia, and currently ships in South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Europe, and Thailand.

Mag Girl does have a Facebook and Instagram page, so please do like and follow their page daily for regular postings. Also, check them out for discounts, because we love when the prices are low.


MSLN Co is an online store that’s located in Hong Kong and South Korea, and ships all their products globally. MSLNco is the destination for all Korean fashion and beauty product items. Currently, MSLN Co is having a sale, which is to get 10% off your purchase when you spend over $50.

Follow MSLN Co on the social media pages listed below:

Facebook: Miscellani Co

Instagram: mslnco

Be sure to follow all these e-commerce stores as they provide many Korean products that you will definitely love!



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