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SHINee’s Minho officially introduces himself to begin his enlistment in the Marine Corps.

On the afternoon of April 15, Minho enlisted as a Marine at the Marine Corps Training Center in Pohang North Gyeongsang Province.

He is the third member of SHINee to enlist for military service, following the enlistment of Onew in December 2018 and Key enlisted in March. Minho attracted attention when he decided to apply for the Marine Corps in late January.

(Photo: OSEN)

On the day he was present at the Marine Corps Training Center, he sent greetings to the fans who went to the scene to support him, saying, “Thank you”, “I will return in good shape”, “Thank you, everyone “. Fans cheered him up with affectionate slogans that say, “Wherever he is, Minho is MY BEST”. The male singer entered the Center after finishing a brief greeting in the fans’ regret.

On April 14, Minho would have informed the fans about his enlistment through a handwritten letter published in SHINee’s official SNS, “I will be away from you all for a while. be short, if it’s saying long, it’ll be long. I have expressed my affection for SHAWOL, Time has passed by very quickly since my debut on May 25, 2008. It has been a happy, delightful, and absolutely unforgettable moment with everyone. thanks to all of your love and support. “

(Photo: OSEN)

And also posted a video of his haircut, “I will have a hard working life in the army in order to be able to always show good and positive energy, as well as disappoint people.”

Source: OSEN

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