SHINee Minho talks about work, meeting Melania Trump, fellow SHINee members and his upcoming film.

SHINee Minho

On December 13th, SHINee‘s Minho made an appearance on SBS radio program “Park Sun Young’s Cine Town“, where he talked about working on tvN special drama, his fellow SHINee members, meeting Melania Trump and his upcoming film.

He first shared about meeting First Lady Melania Trump and said, “I was really surprised at first. [I saw her] walking towards me, and she was very tall. She was very polite and greeted me warmly. During the event, it felt like she was taking care of me. It was an honor, and I’m very thankful.

He then continued to open up about working in tvN‘s “The Most Beautiful Goodbye” which is a remake of an MBC drama of the same title that aired in 1996. Minho expressed how deeply he appreciated the script and enjoyed working with the co-stars, saying, “During the script reading, I cried. I cried so much that everyone knew I was crying. I thought I wasn’t the type to cry that easily, but I realized I actually amI’m the youngest and there are a lot of actors who are my seniors, so I was pretty worried.” He added, “But when I went in to film, they took such good care of me that I wondered why I had even worried in the first place.

SHINee Minho

With excitement, Minho also mentioned that the drama’s first broadcast actually happened on his birthday. He commented, “I thought of the drama as a gift. It’s something that I couldn’t have experienced at my age, so I feel like I’ve received a present. I’m so thankful and it was a huge gift. We also wrapped up filming on my birthday, so everyone wished me a happy birthday, and I was able to hold a solo fan meeting for the first time. It was a meaningful and busy day.

When asked if his fellow SHINee members watched the drama, Minho replied saying, “We watched the first episode separately, but I haven’t heard anything from them yet. They saw the article about me crying during the script reading and teased me. They were surprised because I normally don’t cry in front of them.

Coming so far from becoming an idol to an actor now, Minho is successfully walking ahead in his career as he nears his 10-year debut anniversary. He expressed how he feels about the complete journey and commented, “I think it was good to debut at an age where I didn’t know much. It’s actually difficult to give advice to younger idols. I don’t think I have the right to, and I don’t know how they would take it either.

Minho further discussed about his upcoming film “InRang” (literal title) which s set to premiere some time in 2018, starring great actors like Kang Dong Won, Han Hyo Joo and Jung Woo Sung. As he spoke about the movie, he explained, “It’s a sci-fi movie based on a Japanese animated film. We put Korean sentiment into it. I’m a huge fan of director Kim Ji Woon, so I feel like I’m learning even more [from him] and becoming even more of a fan. I really liked his movie, ‘A Bittersweet Life.

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