Seventeen releases the full MV of “Thanks”, title track of the special album “Director’s Cut”.

Seventeen releases the full track MV “Thanks”.

The track is part of the special album “Director’s Cut”. In the video, it shows the boys from several different cuts as well as they gain a more dynamic scenario. In addition, the music gains an incredible and powerful choreography.

However, in the teaser, the Seventeen boys showcase the backstage of the album’s creation, as well as studio nights and stage performances. They already played the song in an exclusive performance in the 2nd fan meeting “Seventeen in Carat Land”.

Meanwhile, the track written by Woozi, Bumzu and Hoshi. Composed by Woozi and Bumzu. The special album “Director’s Cut” contains 17 tracks including the songs “Change Up” and “Trauma”, that were on the group’s previous album.

Then check out the MV of the track “Thanks” and stay tuned for more Seventeen updates.