SBS makes a mistake by confusing the name of the Wanna One’s variety program with the name of the Winner team.

SBS makes a mistake by confusing the name of the Wanna One‘s program “Wanna City” with the name of the Winner team “Winner City”.

Earlier as reported, SBS created a program for the Wanna One group called “Wanna City.”

The show transmitted on the online platform “Mobidic”. This has angered Winner fans, the Inner Circles.

Winner fans made a prosthetic via Twitter that reached the trendings. But the station ignored the fact and decided to continue with the show. However the situation worsened that Winner had to make a mention about the fact on his Instagram.

The highlighted phrase written: “Winner City is ours anyway, so it’s okay …”

The situation came back when SBS confused the name of the program with “Winner City”. Instead of the original title “Wanna City”. Exactly what the Inner Circles cared about – the two titles so similar that they could easily confused for each other. Or a small typo could do this.

A fan commented:¬†“If you even wanted to get confused, why did you name it like that …”. “This is not the fault of the fans or the idol, but of SBS Mobidic”. “We protested by email and DM as soon as the teaser was “WINNER CITY” came on the same day that the teaser came out, they ignored our opinions and they are confusing themselves … If you think we are still being very sensitive, look what happens when you look for “Wanna City ” and “WINNER CITY”. And see the related topics. Then you will know why we are like this” . “What worried us came true …”


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