Samsung To Bring More Love With New Galaxy Note 8

The unveiling of South Korea’s tech giant, and Samsung’s newest phone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 received a plethora of fanfare during an event in New York City on Wednesday, August 23, 2017. During the event, the people who attended saw the revealing of the Galaxy Note 8, and found out what new specifications and features are added or included.

The new added features for the Galaxy Note 8 are the optically stabilized dual-camera system and improved S Pen stylus, which sets it apart from the similar Galaxy S8 and S8+. Along with these new added specifications, the Galaxy Note 8’s large screen display is another “wow” that people are loving. The large screen display allows people to do their daily tasks on a much bigger and wider screen. So if you are one who watches videos on your phone, the 6.3-inch display will show the video in UHD, making you feel like you’re actually there.

Also, the Note 8 comes with more pragmatic rectangular lines, making it feel like you are holding a screen in your hand, with the thin top and bottom bezels virtually fading away when you do your tasks.

Everyone loves taking pictures, so why not capture the moment with a more sharper and clearer photo? This is what the Samsung Note 8 does because it comes with a Live Focus feature, letting you to adjust the level of background blur before you take the photo. The Note 8 comes with not one, but two 12MP rear cameras with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), giving you a more sharper and clear picture.

Lastly, if you hate wires, you will be able to charge the Note 8 without any wires, which charging of your battery will be done quicker. So say goodbye to that wire charging cord. Also, with the controversy regarding last year’s Galaxy Note 7 and reports of handsets catching on fire and exploding, the Note 8 went under rigorous testing to insure that the incident does not occur again.

The Note 8 will be available to purchase in all Samsung stores and others on September 15, 2017 in the United States, with pre-orders currently taking place. The Note 8 will be offered in black and gray to start, with blue and gold color options to be added in the future.

Watch the phone in action, with this Samsung Galaxy Note 8 introduction video.



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