Rookie Girl group GIRLKIND makes changes and announces new fan club name.

GIRLKIND announces new fan club name

GIRLKIND has revealed their new fan club name after announcing they’d be making a change.

On March 13th, Next Level Entertainment rookie hip-hop girl group, announced their revised new fan club name is “Fanforce“.

Following their January 2018 debut, GIRLKIND announced in February that their official fan club name would be “Onekind.” However, they later posted to let fans know that since “Onekind” sounds similar to Eun Ji Won’s fan club name “1Kyne,” they’d be changing the name to avoid potential confusion.

The group via their official Instagram, posted the new fan club name to be “Fanforce!”

GIRLKIND is a five-member group, with members Ellyn, JK, Sun J, Medic Jin, and Xeheun. They debuted in January with the song “Fanci,” and impressed many, with their powerful dance moves and up-beat track.

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