[REVIEW FASHION] What were the spring trends within Korean fashion?

“What were the main trends in the Korean spring?” This is a question some of Korean fashion lovers already asked. Because we live on the other side of the globe, it is somewhat difficult to keep up with the main trends. The causes can be diverse, from climatic variations to the difficult search of that piece that does not sell in any western store. To help K-poppers, this is a little guide on what were the main trends of the Korean spring.

Yellow one of the colors that stood out the most on the Korean runways. The color draws attention by distancing itself from the light-colored patterns for spring. Celebrities also approved the color. Known for bringing a more cheerful air and draw attention to the production of the look without needing much.

The floral, one of the best explored styles in this season. Summarized in two categories: “Romantic Floral” and “Sexy Floral”. In romantic floral, the colors are in pastel style. Having classic cutouts and giving an innocent look to those who use this style. In sexy floral, the colors are dark. The cuts are bolder and give a sensual and mature air to those who use.

Following the innocent line, also appeared the styles full of femininity, transparencies that show a little of the skin. And accompanied by ruffles or bulky sleeves. Note the overuse of white because it is an easy color to adapt to Looks for day and night. And without losing the air of purity and romanticism that the Koreans held. The rule is clear: Leave the look as romantic and innocent as possible.

Jeans were also up all season. Because they are basic garments. And by also matching with the color Niagara, color next to the Turquoise. And that represents our desire for tranquility. Besides being practical pieces and full of styles. Jeans can suit any occasion and match any color. EXID has proven that Jeans never goes out of style, having used them in “Ah Yeah” (2015) and “Night Rather Than Day” (2017).

The style of the 90’s renewed and continues in the active. T-shirts that pass some message, highly curly hairs, varied and excess accessories. Tops made of children’s favorite designs, clothing with huge logos, fisherman’s hat, platforms, chockers, bandanas, high waist, among others are pieces that must have investments without fear.



So what looks inspired by the k-idols will you wear? Did you like the trends? Tell us in the comments!











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