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Red Velvet is back with the new single electropop “Zimzalabim”

Red Velvet is launching its own music festival with the new EP “The ReVe Festival: Day 1,” which topped the iTunes album chart in several countries, as well as daily graphics, less than a day after its release on Wednesday, market.

The title track, “Zimzalabim”, incorporates polished electropop with the help of a drastic change in the melody and the group’s legendary lyrics. And the bandmates say that music is addictive and multifaceted.

Speaking to the press during a showcase event Wednesday, Irene said: “Zimzalabim” is like “abracadabra” in Europe. Music encourages people to follow their dreams from the bottom of their hearts. It is an instantly addictive song, which was written by the same composers behind “Red Flavor”.

According to the group, the song was kept in the dark for some time until the record executive and founder of S.M. Entertainment Lee Soo-Man pushed for him as the main track. He believed the group was finally ready to execute him, the group said.

And Seulgi says that the members were a bit surprised by the randomness of the title, the music became a producer.

“The title track is also versatile in terms of performance. It has EDM elements, but it also gets quiet sometimes. I think music encapsulates many of our qualities. It’s nicer when you listen and watch our live performance together,” she said.

When asked about the group’s hopes and dreams, Irene said she wanted to improve her stamina.

“I wish I could increase my endurance. The dance moves (for the new single) require a lot of energy, so I hope I have the strength to stay in shape during promotions. “

The video of the main track alternates between a theme park and a colorful setting while bandmates exercise, according to the overall cheerful tone of the song.

The new EP comes with a total of six tracks – “Sunny Side Up,” a reggae pop song that sees the group compare the delicate control of the emotions the relationship requires to make the eggs look upset, “Milkshake” and electropop music “Parade”, to name a few.

“The ReVe Festival: Day 1” is out, with the first performance of “Zimzalabim” taking place on Red Velvet’s V Live channel at 10:00 p.m. On thursday.


Source: The Korea Herald

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