What Real Foreigners Say About Korea: The Good & The Bad

Have you every thought about moving to Korea, or do you live in Korea and want to know if other foreigners have similar experiences as you whether it is positive or negative. Today I will be writing what other foreigners have to say about Korea based off a post I did asking for everybody’s experiences. Check it out and see if you have had any of the same experiences and enjoy what others have to say and their opinions in the expat community!


  1. Most foreigners agree in some shape or form that Koreans are helpful and kind to foreigners. Most expats agree that Koreans love to share their culture, language, and food, and as long as you try to fit into Korea then Koreans usually will go out of their way to help you while you are in Korea.
  2. Another thing that was constantly mentioned was the ease of public transportation and the relative low-cost of it. Most foreigners from other countries such as: America and Canada, are used to public transportation being expensive and sometimes there is not a lot of it but everybody that commented was very enthusiastic about how easy the transportation was to use and the cost of it. The transportation goes around all of Seoul and whether you speak or read Korea is fairly easy to use.
  3. Something that I personally have not had experience with, but it was commented on was how the Korean government helps couples if they are having trouble conceiving to have a baby. If you are a foreigner married to a Korean, then there are subsidies that help you to get IVF and possibly freezing embryos to use in the future.
  4. There are a lot of things to do for free or very cheap. These include: hiking, biking, walking trails, and camping on the beach. Many people commented that there is always a free or cheap festival going on at different points throughout the year all over Korea. Temple stays, museums, and all kinds of cafes(dog, cat, Hello Kitty, toilet cafe) are also activities that can be done in Korea for cheap so in general many foreigners agree on the fact that there are many things to do in Korea that don’t cost an arm and a leg.
  5. Health care I think most foreigners will agree and have agreed on the comments about how health care is very good and remarkable cheap, even for things that are not covered but elective they are usually cheaper than American health care by half or more. Hospitals here are also up to date and follow strict guidelines so you don’t have to worry you will be cared for well by the doctors if you have to do a hospital stay while in Korea.

Now moving one to the more gloomy list and that is things that foreigners don’t like about Korea as said in the post.

  1.   Taxis One thing several people commented on is how taxi drivers can sometimes be rude to   foreigners. Even though it is not legal some taxi drivers will still refuse service to foreigners and sometimes taxi drivers are known to be impolite and say impolite things to foreigners, especially foreigner women while in the taxi.
  2.  Dog stigma-Sometimes Koreans ignore the fact their dogs need to be leashed while they are walking them. In general Koreans sometimes forget that dogs need to be taken care of as animals and not accessories. This includes: training them to not attack people, follow basic commands, to walk properly on a leash, and how to be social with other dogs and people.
  3.  Banking- Many foreigners have said how they don’t like banking. Whether it is because of how complicated it is, or how setting it up took so long, for most foreigners banking is not easy to set up and is harder than online banking at home. Sometimes there is almost too many protected measures being taken and it can make things time-consuming and frustrating to foreigners just trying to do simple banking tasks.
  4.  Racism- Some people have commented on how there is racism in Korea. Many people have said it is more ignorance than racism, but when finding a job for example many companies ask for a white, young, female and discriminate against any other sex, race, or age even to the point of looking beyond education and experience.
  5.  Adoption- Adoption of children in Korea is generally looked down on and many children get stuck in the orphanages and end up living a life where they are not included in the culture. Some foreigners want the laws to be changed so they can adopt and take a child or children out of the orphanage and give them a good home and a chance to be accepted into a culture that does not accept children who age out of the system at 16, and never have a family before this. They therefore end up being looked at as the low of the low of Korean society. Foreigners would like to have the opportunity to give them a chance.



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