PRISTIN Kyla’s body provokes debate on ideal size of female idols

Since making her official debut with PRISTIN, Kyla received a lot of attention and criticism for her body. Netizens pointed out that the member has a more “fat” body than her partners. And that led to a discussion about what would be the ideal body for female idols.

Some netizens said that Kyla should lose a diet to lose excess weight. Considering she is a female idol. This has been with her since her debut. But now the discussion gained momentum after PRISTIN’s comeback with “Schxxl Out”.

Other netizens point out that the member is larger than the others. And they also stated:

She’s ruining the group’s visual balance

There are comments that require Kyla to start a diet soon, stating:

As a celebrity, you market your images. And if you can not take care of your body. So you have no right to be an [idol]”.  “As an idol, being fat is understandable only to a certain degree. But she’s fat even for a non-celebrity”. “It’s true that she does not look good [to be an idol]”. “I’m not asking you to get skinny. Just lose weight to the point where you’ll look better.

But there are netizens who believe it’s time to break the stereotype and the “ideal size” of the silhouettes. Affirming that there is nothing wrong with Kyla’s body. Since her main job is to sing and dance.

In the comments they declare:

Our country focuses too much on appearance … So what if an idol is a bit chubby? It’s okay as long as they have talent. ” “I mean, how thin do you want them to be?

For the K-pop stars, especially for female idols. Size is extremely important and a diet to be thinner is the norm.

What do you think about this debate?


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