Police Check CCTV to Investigate Onew’s Sexual Harassment Charges

It ain’t over til it’s over.

On the morning of August 12th, SHINee member, Onew joined the string of male celebrities having been accused of sexual harassment. This time, of inappropriately touching a young woman in her 20’s in a club. Having gone there to greet a friend who was a famous DJ, Onew became intoxicated and claims he doesn’t remember much of what happened. Acknowledging that it was possibly due to him being drunk, the woman agreed to drop the charges.

However, South Korean law states that though the victim may request sexual harassment to be dropped, the police must still proceed with the investigation. Therefore, the Gangnam Police Station will continue to look into what happened that morning. Aside from statements taken from Onew and the woman, the police are collecting statements from witnesses as well as analyzing CCTV camera footages from that time.

In a statement related to this issue, SM Entertainment has said that Onew is sincerely apologetic for having caused concern raised by such unpleasant news and has asked the media to refrain from reporting speculative and unconfirmed news as it may hurt Onew’s reputation.

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