Plastic Surgery Craze In Korea

Americans are no stranger to plastic surgery but South Korea tops even America in the amount of plastic surgery done. 1 in 5 women have had some sort of plastic surgery in Korea and there is an entire district in Korea dedicated to 100s and 1000s of plastic surgery and cosmetic clinics.

Plastic surgery in Korea ┬áis not only for Koreans themselves to get plastic surgery, many foreigners from around the world flock to here because of the competitive and cheap pricing and up to date surgical methods. Many Koreans go for the double eyelid surgery because many Koreans don’t have a double eyelid line this makes them appear tired and sleepy, so the surgery makes their eyes bigger and more attractive, next rhinoplasty(nose job) is the second most popular following jaw line slimming and breast enhancements. Koreans want to have caucasian features, but with a subtle touch to it and Kpop has had a huge influence on these surgeries and wanting to look more “white”. Kpop stars today have bigger eyes, redefined noses, and larger breasts like caucasian men and women and the demand to look this way has shaped the plastic surgery industry in Korea to go after the best way to achieve these looks with the least recovery time and scars to show for it. Procedures are also not just for women in Korea. Men here are also going after unique procedures such as penis enlargement with Hyaluronic filler to compete with foreign men and to not feel they have the little man syndrome in the penis department. There is a procedure for any and everybody in Korea and the prices are right.

The procedures today are for Koreans, foreigners, men, and women alike. The price points are make it much more accessible to all people around the world which is why tourism to have plastic surgery is very high and will likely continue to be high with the low prices and medical procedures that promise less downtime and better results coming out in Korea. Many hospitals and clinics have English speaking doctors or translators to help foreigner patients and they are familiar with having English speaking patients from countries such as: America, Canada, Australia, and Europe, so don’t worry if you don’t speak Korean and want plastic surgery here! Almost every hospital has English speaking staff ready to work with you on achieving your dream body and most have services to even help book your whole stay in Korea from airport to your hotel to the clinic.



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